Walking into Access Theater in Broadway, near Canal Street, NYC my friend and I weren’t sure how a one act, two actor 90 minute play would hold up. Well, we didn’t express it audibly, but I’m pretty sure we were thinking the same. Four flights of stairs later, we were seated in a theater space that


STEP ON THE PEDAL OF CREATIVITY AND YOU’LL FIND ORIGINAL FEATURE WORK Here’s the best part about being creative-there are NO LIMITS. When my colleagues and myself were doing a shoot for a road trip (to Mahabalipuram a beautiful coastal region in the southern part of India) food show we hosted- Feeding Frenzy, the fun

Food Journalism: how to do a good review on Indian cuisine

“There is no sincerer love, than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw India’s romance with food dates way back to the Maharajas times. After all, India does have all the ingredients for a spicy lip-smacking meal. So, when I was given the food-review show, “Feeding Frenzy” as a reporter,  you’d think I’d be happy

What comes first, a journalist or a learner?

I’ve been meaning to post on my blog for a very, very, very long time. Finally, the moment’s here and I’ve brought myself, after many failed login attempts, to my blog page. Funny how one’s creation can seem so unfamiliar with time. Well, that’s the premise for this blog post. Reviving the stuff that’s just