an infinite ache

an infinite ache

Walking into Access Theater in Broadway, near Canal Street, NYC my friend and I weren’t sure how a one act, two actor 90 minute play would hold up. Well, we didn’t express it audibly, but I’m pretty sure we were thinking the same.

Four flights of stairs later, we were seated in a theater space that was designed to be a bedroom. Intimate. With a variety of travel gear painted white and mounted on a bare wall behind the bed, that was most of the “stuff” accompanying this rather bare set.

Moments later a couple walked into the bedroom space supposedly returning from a first date, or so the audience is led to believe. The 90 minutes of story telling that follows is captivating, engaging and for the most part, real. Through the eyes of these two characters, Charles and Hope played by Eric Kuehnemann and Nancy Sun, we see cultural differences, intellectual disparities, familial  ties and even the four letter word, LOVE.

Co-Produced by Nancy Sun who also plays Hope this play tells a story familiar to all of us, that of relationships. While the theme isn’t new, or the incidents in it, what’s new is that theater is taking real life and keeping it real. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the Arts, and the surreal nature of being whisked away into a world of make believe drama.

But, when the world is grappling with government shutdowns (I had to say this), healthcare issues and even a world class cricketer retiring from their game (I had to say this too, I am Indian and anyone remotely aware of cricket will know what I’m talking about) it’s in the tune of real events- where a play such as this helps us sit back, watch our lives being narrated through two characters and helps us walk away knowing how to make life better for ourselves.

Go watch an Infinite Ache because for a change, you get to see some part of your life being portrayed and instead of being a participant, you are an audience. An audience that can realize what areas of a relationship makes or breaks you.


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