Yoga- A Beginners Journal

It’s the second International Day of Yoga today (June 21, 2016). Time sure flies. Last year this time I was in Times Square, New York in yoga pants with a camera man and gear reporting on the day that kicked off in style globally. Indian minister for External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj and Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, were just a few names among the list of notable attendees that day at the United Nations, few blocks from where we were.


Attendees gathered at Times Square, New York on the first International Day of Yoga.

So, what’s the deal talking about yoga and the fond memories I now hold from that memorable 24 hours of work?

Since then, a lot happened.  Alot. Relocations, a marriage and intermittent corporate projects later, here I am in my new home, rolling out my renewed attempt to get back to the fitness routine I once by default had from living in New York.

I’m more of a running, go to the gym, play-a-sport kind of partial fitness girl but after spending time that rainy morning in Times Square, a slightly humid afternoon at The Hindu Temple Society of North America in Queens trying a few stretches, the thought to seriously try this Indian fitness regime lingered in my head.


A slight drizzle didn’t dampen the mood for workshops that started early in the day and continued throughout the day well into sunset.

So, after a lengthy catch up call with a girlfriend who by-the-way recently got back to doing yoga, I was pretty convinced that this deserved a chance in my attempt to get anywhere close to losing some post-wedding weight gain.

My girlfriend, a pragmatic and fiery spirit got me to order my yoga mat on Amazon and sign up for a daily dose of calming yoga instructions delivered by the beautiful and fit instructor Adriene Mishler (@yogawithadriene) on Youtube. God bless Youtube channels! Right?

So let’s get down to it.

My new mat arrived a day early, perhaps the universe telling me to get on it, already. The gorgeous modern work on my cherry pink yoga mat was still waiting its grand roll out. I went about finishing up chores, running errands, doing work, cooking and cleaning before finally getting to it.

FullSizeRender (3)

This yoga mat imported from Germany is 6mm in thickness and is comfortable for a beginner who needs the extra cushioning while stretching.

My first attempt at a 30 minute yoga workout was not bad, to be honest. I’ve started the “30 Days of Yoga” with Adriene.  I immediately felt connected to this young Texan who calmly instructed this yoga illiterate on stretches and breathing.  Mimicking her moves to the best I could and so often thinking how clumsy I felt before this lean, coherent speaking instructor, I managed to grasp her direction.

What I loved about Adriene is how she makes you feel the sense of ‘you’. It wasn’t easy at first to put everything in my head on hold and just breathe in and exhale. I wanted to close the utility door from where traffic sounds could well enough kill any peace one would want.  Then I realized my husband would call. Thankfully no call. For the first 20 minutes.

Two calls from the hubby to ask about restaurants wasn’t quite the way I wanted to be distracted. Nonetheless, I managed to get back into ‘my space’ and really felt my core muscles stretching.

At the end of my first yoga day, I feel ready to take this 30 day challenge. I want to regain my focus on “me” and while life tends to throw curveballs, a good deep breath can help you go a long way.

For now, a slightly sore yet extremely satisfied body signs off.


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