White, blue, red, green crystals, pink bubblegum, cardamom n spices and plain old tooth powder.

really interesting to taste those flavors or see those colors in your first task after your potty time, but have you ever given your mind some food, to think how or when you got toothpaste?  ok, i feel i sound abit like a History channel docu, but its just a thought.

i was watching this very documentary the other day, and i felt i should start keeping track of these things, i mean the knowledge you gain from all of this. so, here’s how it goes, im no summary site for the program itself; im putting down a couple of bits which i still remember, and feel you should know too. after all, you ‘Do’ live on this planet, n if your not really helping it, atleast know what you exploit from it.

The story goes, tooth powder was a privilege the Rich people of Britan enjoyed ( damn those Britishers, for they got everything first) atleast they were smart folks to make money, while their fighting opponent -India, were still chewing Banyan tree branches. so anyways, tooth powder was made available in smal boxes, with these real pretty pictures of women on them. it was literally, a collectable!

: www.antiques.dk.com/…/Advertising/Pot%20Lids/1

what made tooth powder? for those of us who know this, just shut up n red on, but for the majority of those who think they know it, well, think properly. first, what do we use to clean hard stains n remove grime from our surfaces? is you think the name is Bleach, then your perfectly right to the first question i asked.

75%of tooth powder was bleach so, while you got your sparkly smile, your smile kinda broke half way, bleach is a very powerful reagent, n hence it destroys enamel, thus many of the famous people in that time, had nice wide spaces from the lack of teeth. now, having white teeth which weren’t strong was one problem, here came the worse side, they dint have dentists to pull them out. what did they do? have you jokingly tried to pull your shaky tooth with a string or literally go all mad n try yanking it off with a blow? that’s exactly what these smart men did, they went real raw with pain n got rid of their sparkly whites, with nothing to smile about.

if you thought bleach was bad, here’s something better. Roman’s used urine to clean their teeth, its true. the Ammonia in urine actually helps clean teeth. don’t you just wish you never read this article in the first place?

alright, so then toothpaste finally became pasty when this smart man (Washington Sheffield) had sent his son to Paris, where, he saw paint in tubes, n thus grew the idea into action, n then into a multi million dollar deal from which we have Colgate.

In short, that’s how toothpaste evolved.

Now, the reason why all this was mentioned wasn’t merely for typing pleasure, but for us to think; when we all start thinking a little more, we’l see that everything has something to tell you. toothpaste evolved over time, who knows, tomorrow we may not see it at all, we may have tablets that clean our breath every morning. So, before you miss the chance to know about what you have grown up with, learn now.


One thought on “things we never take time to think about??

  1. hi dipti,
    it itself is a pleasure to see a smiling face acquainting us about latest developments across the country & sometimes abroad.I liked your news presentation, it was like a pleasant journey rather than watching a show.I wish you all the best, hope that you will continue to deliver a lot more than what you are now.
    srinivas(from valsad,gujarat)

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